Monday, March 31, 2014

Yesterdaily - Mar.30th

Due to a lack of motivation (3day migraine) and space (I rearranged the 'office') I have failed miserably at doing daily Dailies. So here's a weekly. Hopefully I get better at this (If your best isn't cutting it - do the best of someone better).
So here's what I did yesterday. It's starting to look like it could be finished...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I'm going to try to start posting dailies here, so to kick it off, this is me tooling around drawing in Flash. Not very exciting, I know…

And I guess I should drop a few things I've created YTD, so…
Yesterday I made some custom brushes 

For the Painting I'm currently working on

This is my partner's eye

 This is a color-composition drawing for one of the films in my Pipeline
And another film's 'Troupe Lineup'

This is an experiment from January using a tablet to do a life drawing session digitally. It took some getting used to.

So that kind of encapsulates my year in pictures so far without going into all the nitty-gritty sketches. I will from this point on be posting the nitty-gritty's, however, so if that interests you - stay tuned!